Global Institute

The ETS Global Institute offers international training through a broad spectrum of seminars and courses. The Institute's mission is to advance the fields of testing, assessment and education by:

  • sharing ETS's expertise with educators, policymakers and testing professionals worldwide
  • collaborating with ministries of education, universities and organizations to explore and resolve increasingly complex educational measurement challenges
  • providing a forum to exchange ideas on issues of concern to test developers and policymakers
  • providing practical advice to educators, policymakers and testing professionals through seminars, workshops, courses and regional institutes

What We Offer

The ETS Global Institute offers assessment-training opportunities led by a distinguished faculty of assessment experts. Programs include:

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Our Faculty

The ETS Global Institute is composed of psychometric and assessment experts who bring firsthand experience to their work. Learn more about our faculty.


The ETS Global Institute is based in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. While most training takes place in Princeton, the Global Institute offers regional training around the world. For more information, contact


Fees vary by training program and location. For more information, contact

Language of Instruction

Training programs can be tailored to your specific language needs. Though normally given in English, programs have also been delivered in Spanish, Russian, Korean and Mandarin Chinese.

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