Customized Courses

In addition to offering regularly scheduled courses, the ETS Global Institute creates and conducts courses customized to the specific needs of our clients. We have developed courses to meet the expressed training requirements of ministries of education, universities and other organizations worldwide.

Customized courses are held in Princeton, New Jersey, and can be of varying lengths. The curriculum is shaped according to the needs of the client. Below is a listing of recent customized courses along with the countries that requested them.

Examples of Past ETS Global Institute Customized Courses

Title Course Content
Item Writing and Review in Content Areas — Thailand, Chile, England, Ethiopia, Kyrgyzstan
  • Item Writing/Review Procedures
  • Setting Cut Scores and Scaling
  • SAT® I and II Overview
  • Advanced Placement® Program
  • Test Security and Administration
  • Life Cycle of a Test
  • Equating
Issues in Teacher Licensure Testing — Chile, Malaysia
  • Evidence-Centered Models for Teacher Licensure Testing
  • Score Reporting
  • Portfolio Assessments
  • Statistical Methods for Licensure Testing
  • Standard Setting
  • Equating Procedures for Multiple Selection/Performance Assessments
  • Operational Issues
  • Registration Systems
Development of Computer-Delivered Testing Programs — Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Netherlands
  • Evolution of Computer-Delivered Testing
  • Key Issues in Computer-Delivered Testing
  • Security in the Computer-Delivered Test Development Process
  • Developing and Managing Item Pools for Computer-Adaptive Tests
  • Managing the Transition to a Computer-Delivered Testing Program
  • Psychometric Research on Test Security for Computer-Delivered Testing
  • Developing and Managing a Computer-Delivered Testing Network and Electronic Irregularity Reporting
  • Conducting Test Security Investigations of Computer-Delivered Testing
Developing Large-Scale Performance Assessments — Nicaragua, Barbados
  • Development and Evaluation of Portfolios
  • Advanced Placement Models
  • Structure of Large-Scale Performance Scoring
  • Preparing and Reviewing Essay Questions and Scoring Guide
  • Planning and Carrying Out Validity Studies
  • Developing Training Materials
  • e-rater® Scoring Engine
  • Key Psychometric Concepts
  • Assessing Classroom Performance
Psychometric Methods — Saudi Arabia, Chile, Colombia, Malaysia
  • Overview of Psychometric Concepts
  • Developing Psychometric Specifications
  • Validity
  • Reliability and Standard Error of Measurement
  • Test and Item Fairness
  • Scale Development
  • Item Analysis
  • Test Analyses
  • Measurement Models/IRT
  • Automated Essay Grading
Developing a National Assessment Program — Barbados, Republic of Georgia
  • Development of U.S. National Assessment of Educational Progress
  • Managing a Large-Scale Assessment Program
  • Design, Sampling and Analysis
  • Writing Test Items for National Assessments
  • Current Status of National and International Assessments
  • Developing Specifications/Curriculum Frameworks for National Assessment
  • Model for Developing a National Assessment
  • Test Administration/Test Security
  • Reporting National Assessment Results
  • Developing Accessible Databases
  • Scoring Essays Using e-rater Scoring Engine
Design and Development of Language Assessments — Thailand
  • Managing a Second-Language Assessment Program
  • Design of Test Specifications
  • Procedures for Training Item Writers
  • Assessment of Listening Comprehension Skills
  • Performance Assessments (Speaking/Writing Item Rubric Development)
  • Oral Proficiency Interview Procedures
  • Contemporary Research Issues in Language Assessment
  • Benchmarking to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR)

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