Standard Courses

The ETS Global Institute offers a variety of general training programs to build assessment expertise among education leaders, classroom teachers and school administrators. Program participants:

  • develop an understanding of how standards and test specifications should align with test items
  • learn how to evaluate test quality and the most appropriate delivery method to meet goals
  • conduct psychometric analyses of test results and identify opportunities for curriculum improvements
  • review the principles and benefits of scaling and equating in large-scale assessments

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Standard Courses

The Global Institute offers scheduled three- to five-day courses on the following subjects:

Design and Development of Large-Scale Assessments
  • Deciding What to Measure
  • Developing Specifications
  • Determining Question (Item) Types and Writing to Specifications
  • Item Review and Pre-Testing
  • Item Analysis and Differential Item Functioning
  • Performance Measures
  • Follow-Up Studies to Determine Predictive Validity
Issues in Computer-Delivered Testing
  • Evolution of Computer-Delivered Testing
  • Considerations in Computer-Delivered Testing
  • Item Banking
  • Automated Scoring
  • Test Security Issues
  • Computer-Delivered Delivery Models
  • Consideration of Students with Special Needs in Test Design
  • Score Reporting
Design and Development of Teacher Assessments
  • Establishing Testing Framework Based on National Standards
  • Using Evidence-Centered Design and Job Analysis Methodology to Establish Test Validity
  • Item Writing and Reviewing to Meet Content Specifications
  • Use of External Experts
  • Standard Setting to Establish Cut Scores
  • Performance Assessments
  • Test Equating
  • Application of IRT
Design and Development of Language Assessments
  • Managing a Second-Language Assessment Program
  • Design of Test Specifications
  • Procedures for Training of Item Writers
  • Assessment of Reading Comprehension Skills
  • Assessment of Listening Comprehension Skills
  • Performance Assessment (Speaking Principles)
  • Performance Assessment (Writing Principles)
  • Contemporary Research Issues in Language Assessment
Psychometric Methods
  • Overview of Psychometric Concepts
  • Developing Psychometric Specifications
  • Reliability and Standard Error of Measurement
  • Automated Essay Grading
  • Scale Development
  • Item-Response Theory
  • Item/Test Analyses
  • Item Banking
  • Standard Setting
  • Validity
Design & Development of National Assessments
  • Design and Development of National Assessments
  • Development of Frameworks and Test Content Specifications
  • Psychometric Models
  • Item Banking
  • Test Development Procedures
  • Constructed Response Development and Scoring
  • Communication of Results to Key Stakeholders
Design and Development of Performance Assessments
  • Psychometric Concepts for Performance Assessments
  • Evidence-Centered Design Development of Scoring Rubrics
  • Performance Assessment Item Writing and Review
  • Scoring Performance Assessments
  • Use of Technology in Performance Assessments
  • Performance Assessment in Computer-Delivered Testing Programs
  • Performance Assessment in Teacher Evaluation Programs
  • Standard Setting
  • Current Research

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