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TOEIC Bridge™ Score Use

Score Use

The TOEIC Bridge™ test is used by a variety of organizations and educational institutions.

Businesses and Government Agencies

Small businesses, multinationals and government agencies alike use test scores as a management tool to make personnel decisions that include:

  • recruiting, promoting and deploying employees
  • job training
  • overseas assignments
  • language training

Test scores show whether or not employees have the necessary English-language skills to:

  • carry out specific job responsibilities
  • participate in (and benefit from) training that's conducted in English
  • advance within the organization — or whether further English-language training is required

Academic Programs

Many universities, institutions of higher education and language schools use the TOEIC Bridge test as an objective means to test language skills and to:

  • place incoming and continuing students into appropriate class levels
  • demonstrate student progress
  • evaluate the effectiveness of the school's program
  • measure specific levels of English proficiency

Additional information regarding score use may be found in the TOEIC Bridge™ User Guide.